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The real estate network that has the most competitive advantages to offer homebuyers and sellers will be an industry leader. RE/MAX is that Leader! Thanks to its global network and stellar reputation, it's no wonder people turn to RE/MAX when they embark on their home buying or selling process! Contact me to make your sale or purchase of a home as effortless and seamless as possible!

What is the question I get asked the most? Its, "What is my home worth?" There are many factors that go into determining a value for a home and I can go through them with you and also tell you how long your home will take to sell. Whether you just want a quick email with some comparables or a detailed comparative market analysis give me a call, text, email, FB message or tweet and I'll send you information with no cost or obligation. Are you thinking about purchasing a home but don't know where to start or just have some questions about a specific house or the market in general? I'd be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you have. Call or text 412-999-6610,, @realestatematt1,
Full time Realtor 2004-Present. Board of Directors Westmoreland West Association of Realtors 2014-Present, Multi-Million Dollar Club, Top Sales Agent, Relocation Expert, Residential and Commercial Sales, Foreclosures, Flips, Investment.

I started as a Realtor in 2004 with a background in marketing and real estate. Prior to becoming a Realtor I worked for a commercial real estate developer and an advertising agency. The experience I gained from those jobs helps me in my career every day. I have worked on marketing and branding for companies like Verizon, Kennametal, Alcoa and many others. You might not think marketing your home is similar to a marketing campaign for one of those companies but it is in a lot of ways. In both cases my client has something to sell and in both cases it is my job to make sure to get the maximum exposure whether its for the latest iphone or your home.  ~ Matt Delle Donne